This is our first experience of utilising our website as anything other than a destination for information sheets and we believe that writing a blog for the site is also an interesting concept. As an accountant, I decided to start a business rather than buy into a practice and this has given me a sharper focus on the ‘business side.’

One of the main drivers we attempt to emphasise to our clients is to step back and look at their businesses as an outsider looking in. I decided that we should adopt our own advice and asked someone else to look at our firm and tell us, ‘warts and all’, what they saw.

Yes, it is always nice to hear the good stuff, but what was interesting was for them to tell us about things we had become blind to. I found the exercise very rewarding and it has strengthened my view that people running their own business must take a time-out and actually look at the business they are growing. As a professional, we must understand that our role is far more embracing than just doing a set of figures.

I hope you haven’t found this first nervous entry too boring (I know what you’re thinking- ‘typical accountant!’).

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