Corporate and Personal Tax Planning Solutions and Compliance

Tax Accountant Cardiff

Organising tax can be a very stressful and time-consuming exercise for many people. At Linghams Chartered Accountants in Cardiff, our dedicated team of tax accountants have many years experience in helping individuals and businesses take the stress away from dealing with their personal and business tax. We offer a range of bespoke tax solutions from the simple but surprisingly overlooked Remuneration/Dividend package, to detailed complex schemes. We advise on:

Correct business structure
Minimise corporate tax with midterm planning strategy, and look at effective use of losses R&D patent claims as well as capital allowances relief
Ensuring correct salary/dividend package is established
Share option schemes
Buying/selling assets (capital gains implications)
Low cost, efficient completion and filing online of personal self-assessment returns
Ensuring corporate tax returns filed on time and to give maximum notification of corporate or personal tax bills

Specialist Tax Planning Solutions

The key to running a tax-efficient business lies in how you conduct your personal and professional affairs. Whilst corporation and personal taxes are daunting, effective preparation and planning will optimise your financial outgoings. Collaborating with professional accountants enhances your ability to generate savings. Linghams Chartered Accountants offer transparent accounting services that will revolutionise your profits through effective tax planning solutions.

Corporation Tax Services

Our tax accountants provide bespoke advice in all taxation areas, helping small businesses make informed decisions about their tax position. As professional tax accountants, we can navigate you through the complex world of business taxes, no matter how big or small your business.

Businesses involved in trading and investment will be well-acquainted with corporation tax. For many limited companies across the UK, this is one of the most important taxes that you’ll have to pay. Whilst the payment is calculated based on your profits and revenues, many business owners aren’t aware of the reliefs and exemptions that reduce your tax calculations. We offer premium tax planning and accounting services to maximise your revenue and reduce outgoing costs.

Corporation tax is typically paid on 19% of your company profits. After a year of hard work and determination, it can be disheartening to lose so much of your revenue to tax payments. Linghams offer several beneficial corporate tax planning services. Our overall goal is to generate a tax plan that boosts your company’s revenue and savings. This can be achieved through several actions. After performing an evaluation of your financial records, our team of chartered accountants will be able to identify where you qualify for reliefs, exemptions and overall savings on your tax payments.

A comprehensive plan to optimise your finances will be drawn up with your best interests at heart. An analysis of your eligibility for certain reliefs will be conducted. This could include relief for claiming capital allowances on assets used within the business, trading losses or creative industries relief. With Linghams Chartered Accountant you can be sure that you’ll save time, money and plenty of hassle.

Our business advisors can advise on aspects of managing your business to help maximise its profitability. We can offer professional, expert accountancy support and advice for advice or help needed on your business finances, accounting and taxes. 

Personal Tax Planning Cardiff

Bespoke personal tax planning consistently proves to be highly cost-effective. Generating a plan for how to deal with your income, investments, assets and savings can create efficiency for your tax payments, meaning you are able to save considerable amounts of money over the year. Furthermore, working alongside professional accountants eliminates the confusion and stress of errors on your tax return.

Completing self-assessment tax returns is complex and time-consuming. Unless you have plenty of experience completing these assessments frequently, you may end up overpaying, or worse yet not paying enough and facing hefty penalties from HMRC.

Working alongside a chartered accountant is the most effective way of calculating your personal tax payment and discovering ways to reduce it. Personal tax planning offers a convenient and effective way to determine how much tax you are due to pay and alleviate the cost through reliefs and exemptions. Many people often overpay on their personal tax payments because they don’t realise they are eligible for certain reductions. A bespoke tax plan will highlight these savings, ensuring you only pay the required amount each year.

Make sure you take full advantage of the tax saving opportunities open to you. Contact us online today or call us on 029 2046 1616 today for a personal tax planning review.